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2-Deoxy-D-glucose alters the cardio-respiratory parameters in anaesthetized rats.

  title={2-Deoxy-D-glucose alters the cardio-respiratory parameters in anaesthetized rats.},
  author={Ratna Pandey and P K Choudhry and Shripad Bhimarao Deshpande},
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2-Deoxy-D-Glucose (2-DG), a synthetic analogue of glucose, is used as an anticancer agent either alone or in combination with other tumor treatment protocols. The present study was conducted to identify the systemic effects of 2-DG on parameters of vital importance. The blood pressure, ECG and respiratory excursions were recorded in anesthetized adult rats. At the end (after 120 min) of experiments, the plasma glucose and serum insulin levels were estimated. Injection of 2-DG (0.5 g/kg… Expand
2-Deoxy-d-Glucose (2-DG)–Induced Cardiac Toxicity in Rat
NT-proBNP and BNP are potential early biomarkers for 2-DG-induced cardiac toxicity that can be useful to monitor 2- DG therapy in clinical trials. Expand


The effects of pharmacologic doses of 2-deoxy-d-glucose on local cerebral blood flow in the awake, unrestrained rat
The results indicate that cerebral glucoprivation produced by pharmacological doses of 2-deoxyglucose is accompanied by substantial increase in blood flow in most regions of the brain. Expand
The effect of 2‐deoxy‐D‐glucose and D‐glucose on the efferent discharge rate of sympathetic nerves.
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It is suggested that there might be a pathway from the hypothalmic area to the adrenal nerve cells of the spinal cord, but not to the renal nerve cells, through which activity of the Adrenal nerve might be changed in response to 2‐DG and glucose infusion. Expand
Non-hypoxic induction of HIF-3α by 2-deoxy-d-glucose and insulin
Transcriptional up-regulation of HIF-3α represents a typical response to in vivo hypoglycaemia and glucoprivation, suggesting an involvement of the HIF system in metabolic derangements as for instance caused by diabetes. Expand
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Opt imizing cancer radiotherapy wi th 2-deoxyD-g lucose
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B . P ro tec t ive e f fec t s o f ap ro t in in on resp i ra to ry and ca rd iac abnormal i t i e s induced by Mesobu thus tamulus in adul t ra t s
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Ana lys i s o f ce l lu la r sens i t i za t ion wi th c i sp la t in - induced apop tos i s by g lucose - s ta rved s t r e ss in c i sp la t in - sensi t ive and resis tant A 431 cel l l ine
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