2-Aminopurine as a fluorescent probe for DNA base flipping by methyltransferases.

  title={2-Aminopurine as a fluorescent probe for DNA base flipping by methyltransferases.},
  author={Barbara Holz and Saulius Klima{\vs}auskas and Saulius Serva and Elmar Weinhold},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={26 4},
DNA base flipping, which was first observed for the C5-cytosine DNA methyltransferase M. Hha I, results in a complete removal of the stacking interactions between the target base and its neighbouring bases. We have investigated whether duplex oligodeoxynucleotides containing the fluorescent base analogue 2-aminopurine can be used to sense DNA base flipping. Using M. Hha I as a paradigm for a base flipping enzyme, we find that the fluorescence intensity of duplex oligodeoxynucleotides containing… CONTINUE READING


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