2 00 4 The Vortex Kinetics of Conserved and Non - conserved O ( n ) Models


We study the motion of vortices in the conserved and non-conserved phaseordering models. We give an analytical method for computing the speed and position distribution functions for pairs of annihilating point vortices based on heuristic scaling arguments. In the non-conserved case this method produces a speed distribution function consistent with previous analytic results. As two special examples, we simulate the conserved and non-conserved O(2) model in two dimensional space numerically. The numerical results for the nonconserved case are consistent with the theoretical predictions. The speed distribution of the vortices in the conserved case is measured for the first time. Our theory produces a distribution function with the correct large speed tail but does not accurately describe the numerical data at small speeds. The position distribution functions for both models are measured for the first time and we find good agreement with our analytic results. We are also able to extend this method to models with a scalar order parameter.

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