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  title={2 0 0 8 J I N S T 3 T 0 1 0 0 2},
  author={Gordon Crone and David Francis and B. Gorini and B. Green and Markus Joos and Gerard J. Kieft and A. and Kugel and Andrzej Misiejuk and M. M{\"u}ller and V. Perera and Jorgen Petersen and John A. Strong and - P.Teixeira and Dias and Louis Tremblet and Jos C. Vermeulen and F. Wickens and M. Yu and G. Unel},
The ATLAS readout subsystem is the main interface between ~1600 detector frontend readout links and the higher-level trigger farm s. To handle the high event rate (up to 100 kHz) and bandwidth (up to 160 MB/s per link) the re adout PCs are equipped with four ROBIN (readout buffer input) cards. Each ROBIN attaches t o three optical links, provides local event buffering for approximately 300 ms and communicates with the higher-level trigger system for data and delete requests. According to the… Expand

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The final design of the ATLAS Trigger/DAQ Readout-Buffer Input (ROBIN) Device
The ATLAS readout subsystem (ROS) is the main interface between 1600 detector front-end readout links (ROL) and the high level (HLT) trigger farms and the final design of the ATLAS ROBIN is presented. Expand
ATLAS DataFlow: the read-out subsystem, results from trigger and data-acquisition system testbed studies and from modeling
A discussion of the functionality and real-time properties of the ROS is combined with a presentation of measurement and modelling results for a testbed with a size of about 20% of the final DAQ system, together with extrapolations to the full system. Expand
Evaluation of an FPGA and PCI bus based readout buffer for the Atlas experiment
This dissertation evaluates a readout buffer system for the ATLAS detector trigger and data acquisition system based on standard server PCs and FPGA co-processors, which has never been investigated before in high energy physics. Expand
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In the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, the ROD Crate DAQ provides a complete software framework to implement data acquisition functionality at the boundary between the detector specific electronics andExpand
The base-line DataFlow system of the ATLAS trigger and DAQ
The base-line design and implementation of the ATLAS DAQ DataFlow system is described. The main components of the DataFlow system, their interactions, bandwidths, and rates are discussed andExpand
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