2½-player generalized reactivity (1) games

  title={2½-player generalized reactivity (1) games},
  author={Natalia Rodr{\'i}guez and V{\'i}ctor A. Braberman and Nicol{\'a}s D'Ippolito and Sebasti{\'a}n Uchitel},
  journal={2016 IEEE 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)},
We introduce a new class of 2½-player games, the 2½-player GR(1) games, that allows for solving problems of stochastic nature by adding a probabilistic component to simple 2-player GR(1) games. Further, we present an efficient approach for solving qualitative 2½-player GR(1) games with polynomial-time complexity. Our approach is based on a reduction from 2… CONTINUE READING