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1st Place Solution to ICDAR 2021 RRC-ICTEXT End-to-end Text Spotting and Aesthetic Assessment on Integrated Circuit

  title={1st Place Solution to ICDAR 2021 RRC-ICTEXT End-to-end Text Spotting and Aesthetic Assessment on Integrated Circuit},
  author={Qiyao Wang and Pengfei Li and Li Zhu and Yi Niu},
This paper presents our proposed methods to ICDAR 2021 Robust Reading Challenge Integrated Circuit Text Spotting and Aesthetic Assessment (ICDAR RRCICTEXT 2021). For the text spotting task, we detect the characters on integrated circuit and classify them based on yolov5 detection model. We balance the lowercase and non-lowercase by using SynthText, generated data and data sampler. We adopt semi-supervised algorithm and distillation to furtherly improve the model’s accuracy. For the aesthetic… 

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