1H and 13C NMR study of substituted 3-OH pyridines

  title={1H and 13C NMR study of substituted 3-OH pyridines},
  author={Dora G. de Kowalewski and Carlos De Los Santos},
Abstract n J HH , n J CH and δ 13 C values have been measured for a series of X substituted 3-hydroxypyridines (X = 2-NH 2 , 2-NO 2 , 5-Cl, 6-CH 3 , 2-Cl, 2-Br, 2-I). The results show that the additivity of δ 13 C provides a valuable criterion to differentiate the phenolic from the zwitterion structure. This conclusion is based on the fact that in the first case, for 2-NH 2 -, 2-NO 2 -, 5-Cl- and 6-CH 3 -3-hydroxypyridines, there is agreement between the experimental and the additivity δ 13 C… CONTINUE READING