1H-NMR determination of the thermodynamics of drug complexation with single-stranded and double-stranded oligonucleotides in solution: ethidium bromide complexation with the deoxytetranucleotides 5'-d(ApCpGpT), 5'-d(ApGpCpT), and 5'-d(TpGpCpA).


The thermodynamical parameters (free energy, enthalpy, and entropy) of complex formation between ethidium bromide and single-stranded and double-stranded tetranucleotides of different base sequence [5-d(TpGpCpA), 5-d(ApCpGpT), and 5-d(ApGpCpT) have been determined from the temperature dependencies of 500 MHz proton nmr chemical shifts. The analysis enables… (More)


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