1H-1H MAS correlation spectroscopy and distance measurements in a deuterated peptide.

  title={1H-1H MAS correlation spectroscopy and distance measurements in a deuterated peptide.},
  author={Bernd Reif and Christopher P Jaroniec and Chad M Rienstra and Morten Hohwy and Robert G Griffin},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={151 2},
In this Communication, we demonstrate the use of deuteration together with back substitution of exchangeable protons as a means of attenuating the strong 1H-1H couplings that broaden 1H magic angle spinning (MAS) spectra of solids. The approach facilitates 15N-1H correlation experiments as well as experiments for the measurement of 1H-1H distances. The distance measurement relies on the excellent resolution in the 1H MAS spectrum and homonuclear double quantum recoupling techniques. The 1H-1H… CONTINUE READING
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