19q13.32 microdeletion syndrome: three new cases.

  title={19q13.32 microdeletion syndrome: three new cases.},
  author={Angela Castillo and Nancy A. Kramer and Charles E. Schwartz and Judith H. Miles and Barbara R Dupont and Jill A Rosenfeld and J. M. Graham},
  journal={European journal of medical genetics},
  volume={57 11-12},
A previous report described a unique phenotype associated with an apparently de novo 732 kb 19q13.32 microdeletion, consisting of intellectual disability, facial asymmetry, ptosis, oculomotor abnormalities, orofacial clefts, cardiac defects, scoliosis and chronic constipation. We report three unrelated patients with developmental delay and dysmorphic… CONTINUE READING