19F MR imaging of ventilation and diffusion in excised lungs.

  title={19F MR imaging of ventilation and diffusion in excised lungs.},
  author={Richard E. Jacob and Yulin V. Chang and Cliff K C Choong and Andy Bierhals and Ding Zheng Hu and Jie Zheng and Dmitriy A. Yablonskiy and Jason C. Woods and David S. Gierada and Mark S. Conradi},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={54 3},
Perfluorinated gases, particularly C2F6, are potentially suitable alternatives to hyperpolarized noble gases for pulmonary airspace spin density and diffusion MRI. This work focuses mainly on 19F imaging of C2F6 gas in healthy and emphysematous explanted lungs, avoiding regulatory issues of human in vivo measurements. Three-dimensional gradient echo and spin echo spin density images of human lungs can be made in 10 s with adequate signal-to-noise, demonstrating the feasibility for breathing… CONTINUE READING

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