1959 Manchester case of syndrome resembling AIDS

  title={1959 Manchester case of syndrome resembling AIDS},
  author={Edward Hooper and William del. Hamilton},
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Navigating seas, negotiating sex : exploring risky sexual behaviours and relationships of seafarers
This thesis explores the risky sexual behaviours and relationships of seafarers in the context of commercial sex relations with sex workers in ports. This study is designed to shed light on why
William Donald Hamilton. 1 August 1936 — 7 March 2000
  • A. Grafen
  • History
    Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
  • 2004
William Donald Hamilton was born in 1936 in Cairo to New Zealander parents, and was brought up in a rural and wooded part of Kent, England, where he was introduced to genetics, to a scientific sensibility that looked down on ‘mere collecting’, to mathematical biology in the shape of Mendelian segregation ratios, and to the modern study of evolution.
Running with the Red Queen: reflections on ‘Sex versus non-sex versus parasite’
The historical background and influence of W. D. Hamilton's death is considered, as well as the scientific output of this paper, which dealt with inclusive fitness and the evolution of social behaviour.
An AIDS-like case in Greece in 1977 (short communication).
A 35-years old housewife from Crete, mother of two healthy children, was admitted for investigation of a chronic diarrhoea commencing some 6-months before admission, and was cachectic; on re-admission, she was very cachectic and dyspnoeic.
An African HIV-1 sequence from 1959 and implications for the origin of the epidemic
Multiple phylogenetic analyses not only authenticate this case as the oldest known HIV-1 infection, but also place its viral sequence near the ancestral node of subtypes B and D in the major group, indicating that these HIV- 1 subtypes, and perhaps all major-group viruses, may have evolved from a single introduction into the African population not long before 1959.
The Manchester seaman


Was HIV present in 1959?
Acquired immunodeficiency without HIV infection: epidemiology and clinical outcome in Italy
The prevalence of acquired immunodeficiency without HIV infection, but with depletion of CD4 T lymphocytes in Italy is estimated and its clinical outcome is evaluated.
Was HIV present in 1959?
The end of innocence: Britain in the time of AIDS
Published to coincide with World AIDS Day, this book looks at a decade of AIDS in Britain. As well as the 8000 who have died, some 20,000 are infected with HIV, and many more carry the virus
AIDS without HIV?
Genetic Mosaics in Strangler Fig Trees: Implications for Tropical Conservation
Single trees of six species of strangler figs in Panama were found to be made up of multiple genotypes, presumably formed by the fusion of different individuals, and how this cryptic variation affects populations depends on the flowering phonology of composite trees.
Provenance of HIV strains
Spectre of contamination