1947-48: When Marshall Kept the U.S. Out of War in China

  title={1947-48: When Marshall Kept the U.S. Out of War in China},
  author={Ernest R. May},
  journal={The Journal of Military History},
  • Ernest R. May
  • Published 1 October 2002
  • History
  • The Journal of Military History
\NYONE who studies history has to confront questions about the relaj t \ . tionship between individual choices and anonymous forces beyond the control of any individual. No one can contend that history is simply a product of individual choices. Even Thomas Carlyle, author of the famous statement, "history is the biography of great men," wrote also, in his history of the French Revolution, "wauld-have-beens are mostly a vanity; and the World's History could never in the least be what it would… 
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