193. Experimentelle und klinische Anwendung einer endovenös-myokardialen Schraubelektrode

  title={193. Experimentelle und klinische Anwendung einer endoven{\"o}s-myokardialen Schraubelektrode},
  author={R. Achatzy and K. Sina and V. Jelesijevi{\'c} and Ebere C. Anyanwu and Herbert Dittrich},
  journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"u}r Chirurgie},
A common postoperative complication following transvenous endocardial pacemaker implantations is the dislodgement and displacement of the electrode. Following trial of a new endovenous-myocardiac screwing electrode in dogs we have tried this electrode since December 1976 on 105 patients, of which 84 cases were implanted primarily and 21 secondarily. The average stimulation threshold was 0.7 V at a pulse width of 1 ms. 6 patients had complications. By making a judicious use of this electrode the… CONTINUE READING