19-P031 Cell death-induced regeneration in wing imaginal discs

  title={19-P031 Cell death-induced regeneration in wing imaginal discs},
  author={Cora Berganti{\~n}os and Montserrat Corominas and Florenci Serras},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
the satellite cells. Contaminating CD45+/Mac-1+/Sca-1+ cells were subsequently removed by MACS cell separation. Cell cycle analysis revealed that over 80% of the resulting myogenic cell population was in G0, indicating a high proportion of quiescent cells in the isolated population. RT-PCR analysis showed that the expression of three Kruppel-like factors (Klf) was increased in quiescent satellite cells and decreased during a time-course of activation in culture. Furthermore, this decrease in… CONTINUE READING

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