18th Sir Hans Krebs lecture. Knowledge-based protein modelling and design.

  title={18th Sir Hans Krebs lecture. Knowledge-based protein modelling and design.},
  author={Tom L. Blundell and Desmond P Carney and Shea Gardner and Fiona Hayes and B. J. Howlin and Tim Hubbard and John P. Overington and Dr A Singh and Bancinyane Lynn Sibanda and Maxine Sutcliffe},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={172 3},
A systematic technique for protein modelling that is applicable to the design of drugs, peptide vaccines and novel proteins is described. Our approach is knowledge-based, depending on the structures of homologous or analogous proteins and more generally on a relational data base of protein three-dimensional structures. The procedure simultaneously aligns the known tertiary structures, selects fragments from the structurally conserved regions on the basis of sequence homology, aligns these with… CONTINUE READING

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