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182 Assumptions underlying the digital library concept

  title={182 Assumptions underlying the digital library concept},
  author={David Bawden and Ian Rowlands},
This paper clarifies some terms and concepts surrounding the idea of the ‘digital library’. A set of twenty underlying assumptions, often expressed implicitly rather than explicitly in the literature, is outlined, and variant forms are compared. There follows an explication of a series of terms, essential to the understanding of the concept of the digital library and its components, which are often used nebulously or with different meanings. It is suggested that the lack of a common conceptual… 


Digital Libraries: A Conceptual Framework
A typology of digital library research is described, based on Yates' model of information work, and comprising three interlinked domains: informational, technological and social.
The interpretations of library use in the age of digital libraries: Virtualizing the name
Going digital: a look at assumptions underlying digital libraries
It is argued that current efforts to create digital libraries are limited by a largely unexamined and unintended allegiance to an idealized view of what libraries have been, rather than what they actually are or could be.
Future Service Models and the Convergence of Functions
A typology of library types ranging from the traditional to the digital in order to explicate shifts in human/machine intermediation and issues of access to both primary and secondary information is defined.
What is the hybrid library?
The history of the concept is outlined, together with the important influence the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) has had in funding hybrid library projects, and a proposed model of the hybrid library was developed and was shown to the eLib hybrid library Projects.
What are Digital Libraries? Competing Visions
  • C. Borgman
  • Computer Science
    Inf. Process. Manag.
  • 1999
Digital Libraries: Philosophies, Technical Design Considerations, and Example Scenarios
This book discusses the Organization of Digital Libraries, Collection Development in the Digital Library, and Interface Design Considerations in Libraries.
Organizational Dimensions of Effective Digital Library Use: Closed Rational and Open Natural Systems Models
A theoretical model for understanding DL use in different social worlds is provided, and preliminary DL use patterns to pursue are suggested in a follow-on study.
Digital library research: major issues and trends
A review of digital library research under sixteen major headings indicates that the research issues that need to be addressed and resolved in the near future in order to bring the digital library from the researcher’s laboratory to the real life environment is indicated.
The next five years : World Wide Web, Internet, and ...?
The digital library will move from concept to reality. As it does the roles of many in the information chain including secondary publishers, subscription agents and document supply services will