180. Photochemical transformations. Part I. Some preliminary investigations

  title={180. Photochemical transformations. Part I. Some preliminary investigations},
  author={D. Barton and P. D. Mayo and Mohammed Shafiq},
  journal={Journal of The Chemical Society (resumed)},
Photochemistry: Past, Present and Future
Early Times of Photochemistry.- The Framework of Photochemistry: The Laws.- The Framework of Photochemistry: State Diagram.- Some Paradigmatic Topics.- The Role of Photochemistry in Chemistry.-Expand
Quantum mechanical approach for structure elucidation of novel halogenated sesquiterpene lactones
Abstract The stereochemistries of halogenated lumisantonin were rationalized by four distinct methods. In the first method the activation energies for the halonium ion intermediates and the reactionExpand
Photochemical rearrangement reactions of bicyclic molecules that contain a cyclopropane ring
The mechanisms of photochemical rearrangement reactions are studied theoretically using a model system of bicyclic molecules that features a cyclopropane ring that is in proximity to a double bondExpand
Promising anticancer drug thapsigargin: A perspective toward the total synthesis
ABSTRACT The guaianolide ring containing sesquiterpene thapsigargin is found in the roots and fruits of Mediterranean plant Thapsia garganica L. It is known for its activity as a potent antagonistExpand
Rhodium-catalyzed [(3+2)+1] carbocyclizations of alkynylidenecyclopropanes with carbon monoxide: construction of polysubstituted bicyclohexa-2,5-dienones.
A photochemical rearrangement of a bicyclohexa-2,5-dienone facilitates the construction of a highly functionalized bicyclopentenone containing two contiguous stereogenic centres, which represents a versatile intermediate for target directed synthesis. Expand
Scalable Synthesis of (−)-Thapsigargin
Salient features of the work include application of the classic photosantonin rearrangement and precisely choreographed installation of the multiple oxygenations present on the guaianolide skeleton. Expand
Total Synthesis of (+)-Chinensiolide B from α-Santonin
A short and efficient total synthesis of (+)-chinensiolide B is reported, starting from commercially available α-santonin. This strategy could be used for rapid preparation of chinensiolides andExpand
Total Synthesis of Guaianoids
Abstract This account describes the development of a novel synthetic strategy that features the first applications of the Harmata organocatalytic (4+3)-cycloaddition reaction. Based on this newlyExpand
Some Paradigmatic Topics
That some compounds underwent well apparent photochemical reactions (change of color, solubility, crystal habit, etc.) was well known. The corresponding structural changes were not easily understoodExpand
Synthesis of Chiral Cyclopentenones.
This Review provides an overview of reported methods for enantioselective and asymmetric syntheses of cyclopentenones, including chemical and enzymatic resolution, asymmetric synthesis via Pauson-Khand reaction, Nazarov cyclization and organocatalyzed reactions, asymmetrical functionalization of the existing cyclopENTenone unit, andfunctionalization of chiral building blocks. Expand