18 Blood Volume of Preterm Neonates during Fluid Restriction

  title={18 Blood Volume of Preterm Neonates during Fluid Restriction},
  author={Hans Versmold and Sissi Arleth and Beate Leifels-Fischer and O. Linderkamp},
  journal={Pediatric Research},
Fluid restriction in neonates reduces the incidence of patent ductus arteriosus and introcranial hemorrhage, enhances the elimination of excess lung water, but may cause hypovolemia with impaired renal and cerebral blood flow. We studied changes in blood volume (BV) during a loss of 10% of body weight in 10 AGA infants of 750-1500g after birth, at the time of minimal weight (3.2±1.3d) and when birth weight was regained (11±3d). Plasma volume (PV) was measured by the Evans Blue dilution… CONTINUE READING