17th Meeting of the Irish Society of Human Genetics, Friday 5th September 2014.

  title={17th Meeting of the Irish Society of Human Genetics, Friday 5th September 2014.},
  author={P S Morrison and Ellen R. Campbell and Fiona Kennedy and Aline Russell and W. Smithson and Linda Parsons and Brenda Liggan and Beth Irwin and Norman Delanty and S. Hunt and John Craig and Jim Morrow and Tim Dineen and Xiao-jun Zhang and J. Kelly Flanagan and Andrea Kov{\'a}cs and R Mihart and James O'Callaghan and Jay J. Culligan and Niamh Daly and John J Waterstone and A S Magee and F. Stewart and T Dabir and Michelle McConachie and Alison McCoubrey and VPM McConnell and Deirdre Stack and Eimear O'Meara and Sophie Phelan and Naomi McDonagh and Len Kelly and Rafa{\"e}l Sciot and Maria Debiec-Rychter and T C M 'curly' Morris and D. C. Cochrane and P. F. Sorensen and MJ O'Sullivan and J J O'Byrne and Michael Sweeney and D Donnelly and D. W. Lambert and Diane Beattie and Celine M Gervin and C. Graham and D F Barton and S Lynch and CD Whelan and DP Hibar and J Stein and Doug Speed and Sanjay Sisodiya and M Ohnson and David K. Goldstein and S E Medland and B Ranke and P Thompson and GL. Cavalleri and Charl Coleman and E. A. E. Quinn and A. Ryan and RJL Anney and Valerie I Trimble and D. Morris and Gary Donohoe and Jeffrey Conroy and Gosia Trynka and Cisca Wijmenga and Sarah Ennis and Ruth McManus and ET O'Halloran and T Magalh{\~a}es and Adam G Cole and Shanna Cox and Changhoon Jeong and David B. Witonsky and Peter Robbins and Hugh Montgomery and Misao Ota and Masachi Hanaoka and Yunden Droma and CM Beall and A. M. Di Rienzo and Jeff Casey and Paul A. McGettigan and Ellen B Crushell and John W. Hughes and L. Smyth and J Kilner and KA Benson and A. Maxwell and A J McKnight and Lennox Jeffers and Savannah Hampton and Nicola Baillie and Simon D. Cooke and SM O'Connell and Anne McDonald and Nicholas O'Toole and Andrea N Bradfield and Mark Bradley and Andrew T Hattersley and Sian Ellard and Pavel Proks and KK Mattis and Frances M. Ashcroft and SMP O'Riordan and Douglas J Coyle and Michael McDermott and Edna Roche and Fionnuala Quinn and Declan Cody and J Macmahon and Ronald P. Morrissey and A. Green and A Thompson and Abhijit Kulkarni and KJ Marks and Katie M G Snape and Rachael J Taylor and Lynn Bradley and Shwetha Ramachandrappa and C Pinto and Pip Logan and Susan Liew and Anna Znaczko and Hannah Ryan and Trudi McDevitt and Michael D. Higgins and Aoife Crowley and Mark T. Rogers and Sheena Geoghegan and Jennifer Shorto and Simon Ramsden and MP O'Riordan and Merrideth Moore and Mike C Murphy and A Carson Irvine and Amie Wilson and MH Cather and I S Young and D Nicholls and Miriam O'Kane and Patricia A. Sharpe and Edward Hanna and P G Hart and Natasha Savage and M. W. Humphreys and Charles J. Shaw-Smith and Diana Osio and MN Collinson and S W McKee and SE McNerlan and Catherine Mcgorrian and James Galvin and Su Stewart and S Heggarty and S. E. Hegarty and Jill E Turner and Anna Ward and Ruth Kelly and Caroline Joyce and Br{\'o}nagh {\'O} hIc{\'i} and Karen Meaney and Louise Gibson and PM Kelly and Carolyn Costigan and Riaz Gul and Susan Byrne and L. Sara Hughes and Motoaki Ozaki and Francis M. O'Sullivan and Anne Parle-McDermott and S Heavin and Mark M. McCormack and Leah Slattery and Nicole Walley and Andreja Avbersek and J Novy and S. S. Sinha and N Alarts and Benjamin Legros and Rod Radtke and Sisodiya and Chantal Depondt and Siobhan Connolly and E Heron and M Irvine and A H Hughes and JM Darlow and Rebecca Darlay and Manuela Hunziker and Bal{\'a}zs Kutasy and H. Ken Cordell and Pavan Puri and Sachin Chand and JA McCaughan and Sarwat Shabir and W Chan and Richard J Borrows and A Douglas and Turlough O'Neill and Charles Shepherd and Rebecca Hardy and Kenny and Betty Molloy and Michael Freeley and Ryan J McGinn and Aidan A Long and JM Gahan and Eimear Connolly and M Byrne and S Gray and R P Murphy and Hongsheng Gui and Ethan Heinzen and Slav{\'e} Petrovski and T O O'Brien and Stacey Cherny and P Sham and Larry S. Baum and Steve Duffy and Natalie Catherwood and TP McVeigh and K Sweeney and Nancy E Miller and M Kerin and JB Weidhaas},
Keynote address: " Marfan syndrome and related disorders: from gene to therapy " Prof. 3 AED Pregnancy register, UK and Ireland Antiepileptic drug (AED) exposure during pregnancy increases the risk of major congenital malformations (MCMs). The risk magnitude varies by AED exposure. We provide results from the UK and Ireland Epilepsy and Pregnancy Registers, of the risk of MCMs after monotherapy exposure to valproate, carbamazepine and lamotrigine. Fifteen-year prospective observational study… CONTINUE READING