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17 Dithiocarbamate Toxicity-An Appraisal

  title={17 Dithiocarbamate Toxicity-An Appraisal},
  author={N. Rath and K. Rasaputra and R. Liyanage and G. Huff and W. Huff},
Dithiocarbamates (DTC) are organosulfur compounds represented by a general structure (R1R2)N-(C=S)-SX, where R can be substituted by an alkyl, alkylene, aryl, or similar other group, and X usually by a metal ion (Edwards, 1991; Kamrin, 1997; US EPA, 2001). Discovered in the 1930s, the DTC were first introduced as fungicides for commercial applications during World War II (Ware & Whitacre, 2004). Besides their wide use as fungicides for treatment of crops, vegetables, seeds, and ornamental… Expand

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