16O elastic scattering at Elab = 94 MeV/nucleon

  title={16O elastic scattering at Elab = 94 MeV/nucleon},
  author={Patricia Roussel-Chomaz and Nicolas Alamanos and François Auger and J. Barrette and B. Berthier and Bego{\~n}a Fern{\'a}ndez and L J Papineau and Hubert Doubre and Wolfgang Mittig},
Abstract Elastic scattering of 94 MeV/nucleon 16 O on 40 Ca, 90 Zr, and 208 Pb was measured, completing similar measurements on 12 C and 28 Si. Optical model analysis of the whole set of data shows that the sensitive region where the nuclear potential is determined moves inwards as the mass of the target decreases. This determination is more precise for light systems which present a strong negative angle scattering contribution in the angular distribution. The data have also been analyzed in… CONTINUE READING