15d-PGJ(2) modulates acute immune responses to Trypanosoma cruzi infection.

  title={15d-PGJ(2) modulates acute immune responses to Trypanosoma cruzi infection.},
  author={Wellington Francisco Rodrigues and Camila Botelho Miguel and Javier Em{\'i}lio Lazo Chica and Marcelo Henrique Napimoga},
  journal={Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz},
  volume={105 2},
The acute phase of Trypanosoma cruzi infection is associated with a strong inflammatory reaction in the heart characterised by a massive infiltration of immune cells that is dependent on the T. cruzi strain and the host response. 15d-PGJ(2) belongs to a new class of anti-inflammatory compounds with possible clinical applications. We evaluated the effects of 15d-PGJ(2) administered during the acute phase of T. cruzi infection in mice. Mice were infected with the Colombian strain of T. cruzi and… CONTINUE READING