154. Ein neuer Spreiznagel für die Frakturen am distalen Drittel der Tibia

  title={154. Ein neuer Spreiznagel f{\"u}r die Frakturen am distalen Drittel der Tibia},
  author={Richard Maatz},
  journal={Langenbecks Archiv f{\"u}r Chirurgie},
The new spreading nail combines two different types of nails that I presented in 1943. The position of a gradient plane is now variable and will be determined by the operating surgeon. The S-shaped second nail of this new combination is not deformed during introduction, and it can easily be turned 180° during the process of introduction. The result is very good stability between the triangle of the spreading nail and the conical form of the marrow cavity. The new spreading nail is indicated for… CONTINUE READING