1517 Prolonged Use of Indomethacin in Cystinosis


Indomethacin improves the polyuria associated with Fanconi syndrome in patients with cystinosis. However, its use may be vitiated by its deleterious effect on GFR.J.B. presented at 4 y with cystinosis. After correction of the acid base and serum electrolyte abnormalities with supplemental therapy, indomethacin, 2 mg/kg/d was started. Urine output decreased… (More)
DOI: 10.1203/00006450-198104001-01540


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@article{Lemire19811517PU, title={1517 Prolonged Use of Indomethacin in Cystinosis}, author={Jacques Lemire and Bernard S. Kaplan}, journal={Pediatric Research}, year={1981}, volume={15}, pages={696-696} }