15-State Extended Kalman Filter Design for INS/GPS Navigation System

  title={15-State Extended Kalman Filter Design for INS/GPS Navigation System},
  author={Van Tang Pham and Van Thang Nguyen and D. T. Chu and Duc-Tan Tran},
Nowadays, navigation system has been receiving high demand for various kind of applications. Among these systems, Global positioning system (GPS) and Inertial navigation system (INS) are the most popular. In this paper, a 15-state Extended Kalman Filter is designed to integrate INS and GPS in a flexible way compared with many conventional integration. Based on the loosely coupled GPS/INS integration, the proposed scheme can switch back and forth between feed forward and feedback aiding… 

Development of GPS/INS integration module using Kalman filter

The outcome of the project is the successful integration of the GPS and INS using a simulation model in the MATLAB, which demonstrates the minimized errors in the parameters when both INS and GPS are integrated using Kalman Filter.

Performance Evaluation of Low cost INS/GPS System Integration

The effectiveness of low cost INS system to calculate internal navigation states, verification of the error correction technique, and the performance of the overall system to obtain the navigation system requirements are presented.

Accuracy Improvement of GPS/INS Navigation System Using Extended Kalman Filter

  • Pouya AbbasiM. Haeri
  • Computer Science
    2019 6th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Automation (ICCIA)
  • 2019
The accuracy of the positioning is improved, position, velocity, and orientation errors are confined to a limited range, and the error compensation based on GPS/INS data fusion algorithm is studied.

ANN-assisted robust GPS/INS information fusion to bridge GPS outage

A low-cost method for GPS/INS fusion and error compensation of the GPS/ INS fusion algorithm during GPS interruption is proposed and an outdoor test indicates that the accuracy of the positioning has improved by 67% in each axis during an interruption.

Accurate Navigation of Marine Vessel, Using the Integration of Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS), Applying Extended Kalman Filter

Inertial navigation is a method to determine the position, velocity and attitude of a vehicle. In these systems, three perpendicular accelerometers and three perpendicular gyroscopes are used to

Wind-velocity estimation in re-entry vehicles using flush air data system and aided navigation outputs

  • V. Philip
  • Engineering
    2016 IEEE Annual India Conference (INDICON)
  • 2016
An algorithm for wind velocity estimation using data from Flush Air Data System (FADS) and GPS aided navigation outputs is presented in this paper. Raw estimates of wind velocity are determined using

Algorithm for Integrating Data from the Autonomous Inertial Navigation Systems of Drones

An algorithm is proposed for combining data from the inertial VN-100 navigation system of small pilotless aerial vehicles (drones), a u-blox GNSS receiver, and a Lightware Sf11-c laser rangefinder,

Design, modeling, and simulation of an INS system using an asymmetric structure of six accelerometers and its error analysis in the ECEF frame

Results confirm that the proposed asymmetric structure requires less accelerometer in comparison with symmetric structure, and has suitable accuracy and applications for short time navigation.

Efficient Attitude Estimators: A Tutorial and Survey

This paper serves researchers and practitioners in the signal processing community seeking the most appropriate attitude estimators that fulfills their needs, shedding light on the drawbacks and the advantages of a wide variety of designs.



Integration of Inertial Navigation System and Global Positioning System Using Kalman Filtering

The simulation of the integration of the INS and GPS using Kalman filtering has been completed using MATLAB and C. This has been tested on the simulator for the target hardware.

Design, Simulation, and Performance Analysis of an INS/GPS System using Parallel Kalman Filters Structure

Thanks to the strong growth of MEMS technology, the Inertial Navigation System (INS) is widely applied to navigation and guidance of moving objects. However, there exist errors in the inertial

I NS/GPS Navigation for Land Applications via GSM/GPRS Network

This paper focuses on land applications of INS/GPS navigation via the GSM/GPRS network in order to monitor and manage the navigation information.

Accuracy Improvement of Low Cost INS/GPS for Land Applications

Some of the techniques that overcome the limitations of lowcost IMUs are introduced, i.e. the in-filed calibration, the velocity matching alignment, and the use of non-holonomic constraints.

A Review of Navigation Systems (Integration and Algorithms)

Much of the work has focused on the use of a high accuracy Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which is an inertial sensors block without navigation solution output, and hence, this research area is also reviewed in this paper.

Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology

Inertial navigation is widely used for the guidance of aircraft, missiles ships and land vehicles, as well as in a number of novel applications such as surveying underground pipelines in drilling

Medium accuracy INS/GPS integration in various GPS environments

This paper aims to provide a chronology of the events leading to and following the publication of this book and some of the main events that led to its publication.

Advanced Nonlinear Techniques for Low Cost Land Vehicle Navigation

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