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15 Assaulted and Mutilated A Personal Account 01 Circumcision Trauma

  title={15 Assaulted and Mutilated A Personal Account 01 Circumcision Trauma},
  author={Shane E. Peterson},
The excessive removal of skin and mucosa is one of the most common complications of neonatal circumcision, yet the true frequency of this complication and its adverse effects on physical and psychological development has not been adequately documented. A personal account is presented of the lifelong trauma associated with a routine neonatal circumcision in which almost all penile shaft skin was removed in addition to the preputial skin and mucosa. The trauma of this iatrogenie injury exerted a… 


I was born and circumcised in Western Australia in 1973, but was unaware of any genital abnormality as a young child

  • Because I was circumcised as an infant and not informed of this fact, I was not aware that my body had undergone any surgery. I had no reason to suspect that I had a penile problem until puberty. At the age of 18, in 1992, I underwent reconstructive surgery. The outcome of this surgery was exceeding
  • 1993