13C NMR studies of glycogen turnover in the perfused rat liver.

  title={13C NMR studies of glycogen turnover in the perfused rat liver.},
  author={Gerald I Shulman and Douglas L. Rothman and Youngran Chung and Luciano Rossetti and William A Petit and Eugene J. Barrett and Robert G. Shulman},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={263 11},
To assess whether hepatic glycogen is actively turning over under conditions which promote net glycogen synthesis we perfused livers from 24-h fasted rats with 20 mM D-[1-13C]glucose, 10 mM L-[3-13C]alanine, 10 mM L-[3-13C]lactate, and 1 microM insulin for 90 min followed by a 75-min "chase" period with perfusate of the same composition containing either 13C-enriched or unlabeled substrates. The peak height of the C-1 resonance of the glucosyl subunits in glycogen was monitored, in real time… CONTINUE READING


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