137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes

  title={137 ancient human genomes from across the Eurasian steppes},
  author={P. Damgaard and N. Marchi and S. Rasmussen and M. Peyrot and Gabriel Renaud and T. Korneliussen and J. V. Moreno-Mayar and M. Pedersen and A. Goldberg and E. Usmanova and N. Baimukhanov and V. Loman and L. Hedeager and A. G. Pedersen and K. Nielsen and G. Afanasiev and K. Akmatov and A. Aldashev and Ashyk Alpaslan and G. Baimbetov and V. I. Bazaliiskii and A. Beisenov and Bazartseren Boldbaatar and B. Boldgiv and Choduraa Dorzhu and Sturla Ellingv{\aa}g and D. Erdenebaatar and R. Dajani and E. Dmitriev and V. Evdokimov and K. Frei and A. Gromov and A. Goryachev and H. Hakonarson and T. Hegay and Z. Khachatryan and Ruslan Khaskhanov and E. Kitov and A. Kolbina and Tabaldiev Kubatbek and A. Kukushkin and I. Kukushkin and Nina Lau and A. Margaryan and Inga Merkytė and I. V. Mertz and Viktor K. Mertz and E. Mijiddorj and Vyacheslav Moiyesev and Gulmira Mukhtarova and B. Nurmukhanbetov and Z. Orozbekova and I. Panyushkina and Karol Pieta and V. Smr{\vc}ka and I. Shevnina and A. Logvin and Karl-G{\"o}ran Sj{\"o}gren and Tereza {\vS}tolcov{\'a} and Angela M. Taravella and Kadicha Tashbaeva and A. Tkachev and T. Tulegenov and D. Voyakin and L. Yepiskoposyan and Sainbileg Undrakhbold and V. Varfolomeev and A. Weber and Melissa A. Wilson Sayres and N. Kradin and M. Allentoft and L. Orlando and R. Nielsen and M. Sikora and E. Heyer and K. Kristiansen and E. Willerslev},
  • P. Damgaard, N. Marchi, +74 authors E. Willerslev
  • Published 2018
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Nature
  • For thousands of years the Eurasian steppes have been a centre of human migrations and cultural change. Here we sequence the genomes of 137 ancient humans (about 1× average coverage), covering a period of 4,000 years, to understand the population history of the Eurasian steppes after the Bronze Age migrations. We find that the genetics of the Scythian groups that dominated the Eurasian steppes throughout the Iron Age were highly structured, with diverse origins comprising Late Bronze Age… CONTINUE READING

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