1333 Müller cell abnormalities in Duchenne muscular dystrophy


INNER-RETINAL COMPONENTS CONTRIBUTE TO THE A-WAVE OF THE ERG OF THE DARK-ADAPTED CAT. Robson J.G.1 and Frishman L.J.2 ’ Physiological Laboratory, Cambridge CE2 3EG UK/ 2 College of Optomern/ UniversitY of Houston, Houston. TX 77204 fUSA/ Purpose To determine the extent to which the initial negative wave and its return to baseline (the a-wave) of the flash… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/0042-6989(95)90086-1


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@article{Warburg19951333MC, title={1333 M{\"{u}ller cell abnormalities in Duchenne muscular dystrophy}, author={Mette Warburg and Ole Sj{\"{o} and Henrik Jensen and Michal Schwartz and Svend Erik Simonsen}, journal={Vision Research}, year={1995}, volume={35} }