13,14-dihydrocoptisine--the genuine alkaloid from Chelidonium majus.

  title={13,14-dihydrocoptisine--the genuine alkaloid from Chelidonium majus.},
  author={Jana Paulsen and Mahdi Yahyazadeh and Sophie H{\"a}nsel and Maik Kleinw{\"a}chter and Kerstin Ibrom and Dirk Selmar},
The genuine major benzylisoquinoline alkaloid occurring in the traditional medicinal plant greater celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) is 13,14-dihydrocoptisine and not - as described previously - coptisine. Structure of 13,14-dihydrocoptisine was elucidated. The discrepancy between the alkaloid pattern of the living plants and that of detached and dried leaves is due to the rapid and prompt conversion of 13,14-dihydrocoptisine to coptisine in the course of tissue injuries. Indeed, apart from the… CONTINUE READING