[1299 De sepulturis papal bulla's impact on medicine].

  • A Drygas
  • Published 1995 in Archiwum historii i filozofii medycyny


The subject of the paper is a presentation of the full text of Bonifacy VIII's 1299 bulla De Sepulturis. The author draws attention to a fact that the bulla if frequently quoted as a reason for slowing dawn medieval astronomical research, yet few authors refer to its original text. Thus it is often misinterpreted. Historical facts directly preceding the… (More)


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@article{Drygas19951299DS, title={[1299 De sepulturis papal bulla's impact on medicine].}, author={A Drygas}, journal={Archiwum historii i filozofii medycyny}, year={1995}, volume={58 1}, pages={45-52} }