127. Kaempfer as an Authority on Shinto.

  title={127. Kaempfer as an Authority on Shinto.},
  author={William George Aston}
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A New History of Shinto, and: Rethinking Medieval Shintō. Special issue of Cahiers d'Extrême-Asie (16) (review)

A transformation has taken place in English-language studies on Shinto in recent years as new perspectives have challenged its image as Japan’s enduring indigenous religion, rooted in an archaic

Comparison of maxillary and mandibular dental arch forms by studying Fourier series developed from mathematically estimated dentitions.

It is concluded that the establishment of a Fourier series significantly reproduced maxillary but not mandibular dental arch forms.

A morphological study on the classification of maxillary dental arches.

About 60% of the maxillary dentitions were round-square arches which showed no prominent principal component, and square maxillary arches distinctly showed a small angle R + angle L; and round arches were characteristic by small values.