120 GHz radar mixed-signal transceiver


The design of a complex integrated transceiver for 121-124 GHz is presented. The transceiver consists of the transmitter with VCO, power amplifier and power detectors, the receiver with LNA, two mixers for quadrature receive path and variable gain amplifiers for IF-output and the digital control circuits with SPI-interface. A central part is the VCO with… (More)


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@article{Debski2012120GR, title={120 GHz radar mixed-signal transceiver}, author={Wojciech Debski and Wolfgang Winkler and Yaoming Sun and Milica Marinkovic and Johannes Borngraber and J. Christoph Scheytt}, journal={2012 7th European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference}, year={2012}, pages={191-194} }