12-fold Quasicrystallography from affine F4, B6, and E6

  title={12-fold Quasicrystallography from affine F4, B6, and E6},
  author={Nazife O.Koca and M. Koca and R. Koc},
One possible way to obtain the quasicrystallographic structures is the projections of the higher dimensional lattices into 2D or 3D subspaces. In this work we introduce a general technique applicable to any higher dimensional lattice. We point out that the Coxeter number and the Coxeter exponents of a Coxeter-Weyl group play a crucial role in determining the plane onto which the lattice to be projected as well as the dihedral symmetry of the quasicrystal structure. The eigenvectors and… Expand
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Group-theoretical analysis of aperiodic tilings from projections of higher-dimensional lattices Bn.
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