11kW, 70kHz LLC Converter Design with Adaptive Input Voltage for 98% Efficiency in an MMC

  title={11kW, 70kHz LLC Converter Design with Adaptive Input Voltage for 98\% Efficiency in an MMC},
  author={Roland Unruh and Frank Schafmeister and Joachim B{\"o}cker},
  journal={2020 IEEE 21st Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL)},
Although there are numerous design methodologies for the LLC resonant converter, they often do not consider the possibility of input voltage adjustment. In the proposed concept, a modular multi-level converter (MMC) is used to step-down the three-phase medium voltage of 10 kV, and provide up to 1 MW of pure DC power to the load consisting of electrolyzers for hydrogen generation. Therefore, each module is extended by an LLC resonant converter to adapt to the specific electrolyzers DC voltage… 

Interleaved Single-Stage LLC Converter Design Utilizing Half- and Full-Bridge Configurations for Wide Voltage Transfer Ratio Applications

This article presents a single-stage interleaved LLC resonant converter of 3.6 kW and shows that phase-shift operation and asymmetrical duty-cycle modulation can be utilized for power balancing for full-bridge and half-bridge configurations, respectively, such that a much smaller output capacitor can be employed.

LLC Converter in Capacitive Operation Utilizing ZCS for IGBTs – Theory, Concept and Verification of a 2 kW DC-DC Converter for EVs

The theory behind the capacitive operated LLC is derived using a switched simulation model and compared with the fundamental harmonic approximation (FHA) and the results prove FHA to be useless for practical converter design.

An Integrated Transformer for LLC Resonant Converter Applications of Low Output Voltages and High Currents

Typically, the LLC resonant converter uses separate magnetic components for the resonant inductance and the transformer. While the literature describes methods to integrate both into one single



Evaluation of MMCs for High-Power Low-Voltage DC-Applications in Combination with the Module LLC-Design

In this paper, a full-bridge modular multilevel converter (MMC) and two half-bridge-based MMCs are evaluated for high-current low-voltage e.g. 100 – 400V DC-applications such as electrolysis, arc

Two-phase interleaving configuration of the LLC resonant converter - Analysis and experimental evaluation

This paper investigates the load sharing issue of two LLC converters connected in parallel and operated with interleaved driving signals and presents a simple and practical solution applicable to a high power server PSU.

1-MW Full-Bridge MMC for High-Current Low-Voltage (100V-400V) DC-Applications

A full-bridge modular multilevel converter (MMC) is compared to a half-bridge-based MMC for high-current low-voltage DC-applications such as electrolysis, arc welding or datacenters with DC-power

Average-Current-Based Conduction Losses Model of Switched Capacitor Converters

A generic modeling methodology that analyzes the losses in switched capacitor converters (SCC) operating in open loop was developed and verified by simulation and experiments. The proposed analytical

MMC-Topology for High-Current and Low-Voltage Applications with Minimal Number of Submodules, Reduced Switching and Capacitor Losses

This paper proposes a topology that uses only half the number of submodules and moreover to reduce the effective switching frequency by a third, while preserving the same THD und output power of an YY-MMC.

Analysis and Design of LLC Resonant Converter with Integrated Transformer

  • Hang-Seok Choi
  • Engineering
    APEC 07 - Twenty-Second Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition
  • 2007
LLC resonant converter has a lot of advantages over the conventional series resonant converter and parallel resonant converter; narrow frequency variation over wide load and input variation, Zero

Efficiency-Oriented Optimal Design of the LLC Resonant Converter Based on Peak Gain Placement

The LLC resonant converter topology is widely used in dc-dc converter applications due to its advantages in achieving high efficiency and high power density. However, due to the complexity in the

Analysis on Load-Adaptive Phase-Shift Control for High Efficiency Full-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Under Light-Load Conditions

Recently, the full-bridge (FB) LLC resonant converter is getting more attention due to its zero-voltage switching of the primary switches, zero-current switching of rectifier diodes, and high power

Design and Control of a Modular Multilevel HVDC Converter With Redundant Power Modules for Noninterruptible Energy Transfer

This paper presents design and control methods for fault-tolerant operations with redundant converter modules, one of the most prominent features in modular multilevel converter (MMC) topology. In

Design and Implementation of a Modular Multilevel Converter With Hierarchical Redundancy Ability for Electric Ship MVDC System

Modular multilevel converter (MMC) can be considered as a promising candidate for modern electric ship medium-voltage direct current (MVDC) power system due to its high-voltage quality, low switching