1129 Rickets with Elevated 1,25-(oh)2 Vitamin D (1,25-(oh)2) and Normal 25-oh Vitamin D (25 Ohd) in Premature Fed Human Milk Exclusively: Increasing Bone Mineral Content (bmc) with Ca and P Supplement


Rickets in prematures fed human milk may be related to decreased Ca and P intake rather than deficiency in vitamin D (D). In a 27 wk, 970 g infant expressed mother's milk and vit D 250 IU/d were begun on d 7. By 2 wks, milk intake averaged 165ml/kg/d; D intake was 400 IU/d after 9 wks. During lactation, breast milk Ca was 22.4-28.8 and Mg 3.1-4.8mg/dl; P… (More)
DOI: 10.1203/00006450-198104001-01155


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