11. The Suppression of the Slave Trade and Slave Departures from Angola, 1830s–1860s

  title={11. The Suppression of the Slave Trade and Slave Departures from Angola, 1830s–1860s},
  author={R. Ferreira},
  journal={Historia Unisinos},
  • R. Ferreira
  • Published 2011
  • Political Science
  • Historia Unisinos
Th is article deals with the process of abolishing the transatlantic slave trade in Angola in the fi rst half of the nineteenth century. It breaks down the Angolan slave trade into three macro-regions: Luanda, Benguela, and "northern Angola" (Cabinda and Ambriz). It argues that in order to understand the impact of abolitionism on the ground, scholars need to take into account local conditions, such as the supply of slaves to the coast, the participation of local elites in the business of… Expand
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