10 kV SiC BJTs — Static, switching and reliability characteristics

  title={10 kV SiC BJTs — Static, switching and reliability characteristics},
  author={Siddarth G. Sundaresan and Stoyan Jeliazkov and Brian Grummel and Ranbir Singh},
  journal={2013 25th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & IC's (ISPSD)},
Open-base breakdown voltages as high as 10.5 kV (91% of theoretical avalanche limit and 125 V/μm), on-resistance of 110 mΩ-cm2 close to the unipolar limit of 94 mΩ-cm2, and current gain as high as 75 are measured on 10 kV-class SiC BJTs. Monolithic Darlington-connected BJTs fabricated on the same wafer yield current gains as high as 3400, and show Si BJT… CONTINUE READING