10 Years of Web Science


The term Web Science was unveiled to the world by the publication of the article "Creating a Science of the Web" in Science, August 2006 and the launch of the Web Science Research Initiative in November 2006 at MIT. Over the last ten years Web Science has evolved into a research and education discipline in it's own right with an annual research conference, at least two journals, a track in the International WWW Conference, and multitude of degree courses around the world bearing the name. The Web Science Trust, which evolved from WSRI, has established an international network of research laboratories and a number of multi-stake holder projects such as the Web Observatory. But it is also important to recognise how much the digital world has changed in ten years. When Web Science was announced as a new idea, we didn't put an announcement on Facebook or Tweet about it as both were still in their infancy at that time. Terms such as Computational Social Science and Big Data were not in common use at the time. Ten years on it is important to consider the impact and relevance of Web Science. What is unique about Web Science compared to other related disciplines and what are the likely developments over the next ten years for which Web Science will be an essential tool in the armoury of a researcher? Or alternatively have other memes overtaken us and is Web Science an out-dated way of looking at the digital world?

DOI: 10.1145/2908131.2908137

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