10-Demethoxystegane, a new lignan from Steganotaenia araliacea.


A new dibenzocyclooctadiene lactone lignan, 10-demethoxystegane (1), together with the known compounds steganone (2) and prestegane B (3), have been isolated from the organic extract of Steganotaenia araliacea(Apiaceae). Steganone (2) showed antiproliferative activity against an ovarian cancer cell line (OVCAR-3). 


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@article{Meragelman200110DemethoxysteganeAN, title={10-Demethoxystegane, a new lignan from Steganotaenia araliacea.}, author={Karina M Meragelman and Tawnya Carlene McKee and Michael Boyd}, journal={Journal of natural products}, year={2001}, volume={64 11}, pages={1480-2} }