10 - 708 Probabilistic Graphical Models

  • Published 2015


1. Homework is due on the due date at 12:00 noon. Please hand over your homework to Mallory Deptola (GHC 8001). Please see course website for policy on late submission. 2. We recommend that you typeset your homework using appropriate software such as LTEX. If you are writing please make sure your homework is cleanly written up and legible. The TAs will not invest undue effort to decrypt bad handwriting. 3. You must hand in a hard copy of the homework. The only exception is if you are out of town in which case you can email your homeworks to 10708-instructor@cs.cmu.edu. If this is the case, your homework must be typeset using proper software. Please do not email written and scanned copies. Your email must be sent by beginning of the class on the due date the deadline. 4. You are allowed to collaborate on the homework, but you should write up your own solution and code. Please indicate your collaborators in your submission. 5. Please staple your homeworks.

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