1-Torsion of finite modules over semiperfect rings

  title={1-Torsion of finite modules over semiperfect rings},
  author={Alex Martsinkovsky},
  journal={Journal of Algebra},
Linkage of modules with respect to a semidualizing module
The notion of linkage with respect to a semidualizing module is introduced. It is shown that over a Cohen-Macaulay local ring with canonical module, every Cohen-Macaulay module of finite Gorenstein
Homological algebra in degree zero.
The term "homological algebra in degree zero" refers, in the narrow sense of the word, to calculation of the zeroth derived functor of an additive functor between abelian categories. Most people do
Integer solutions of implicit linear difference equations of the second order.
References 1. S. Hefter,V. Martseniuk, and O. Piven, Integer solutions of a second order implicit linear difference equation, Bukovinian Mathematical Journal, 6, 3-4 2018, 40–46. 2. V. Martseniuk, S.


Stable Module Theory
The notions of torsion and torsion freeness have played a very important role in module theory--particularly in the study of modules over integral domains. Furthermore, the use of homological
Linkage of modules
Rings and Categories of Modules
This book is intended to provide a self-contained account of much of the theory of rings and modules. The theme of the text throughout is the relationship between the one-sided ideal structure a ring
On Auslander-Buchsbaum-type formulas
We give a short and simple argument that proves, in a uniform way, the Auslander-Buchsbaum formula, relating depth and projective dimension, and the Auslander-Bridger formula, relating depth and
Gluing Cohen-Macaulay modules with applications to quasihomogeneous complete intersections with isolated singularities
This paper deals with the problem of characterizing quasihomogeneous isolated singularities. The history begins in 1971 with the beautiful result of Saito [22]: an isolated complex hypersurface
The torsion problem of H.-J. Reiffen and U. Vetter
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Pfaffsche Formen auf komplexen Räumen
New homological invariants of modules over local rings
  • I, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 110 (1)
  • 1996
New homological invariants of modules over local rings, I, J. Pure Appl
  • Algebra
  • 1996