1 Spectroscopic Needs for Imaging Dark Energy Experiments Convener :

  title={1 Spectroscopic Needs for Imaging Dark Energy Experiments Convener :},
  author={Antonio Abate and Filipe B. Abdalla and Sabry Allam and Sarah Allen and R. Jaberzadeh Ansari and Stephen Bailey and Wayne Barkhouse and Timothy C. Beers and Marina Blanton and Mark Brodwin and Joel R. Brownstein and Ralf Brunner and M. Carrasco-Kind and J. Cervantes-Cota and Elisa Chisari and Matthew Colless and Johan Comparat and Jean Coupon and Eng-Yeow Cheu and Camila Cunha and A. de la Macorra and I. Dell’Antonio and B. Frye and Eric Joseph Gawiser and Neil Gehrels and Kevin E. Grady and Axel Hagen and P. Hall and A. Hearin and Hugo Hildebrandt and Chris Hirata and S. Ho and Klaus Honscheid and Dragan Huterer and Zeljko Ivezic and J.-P. Kneib and Jerzy Kruk and Oren Lahav and Robert Mandelbaum and J. Marshall and Dennis Matthews and Brice M{\'e}nard and Ramon Miquel and Marc Moniez and Warren Moos and John Moustakas and Casey M. Papovich and John Peacock and C. Park and Justin Rhodes and J-S. Ricol and Iftach Sadeh and A. Slozar and Sarah Schmidt and Daniel Stern and Tom Tyson and Anja von der Linden and Rachel J. Wechsler and William Michael Wood-Vasey and Andrej Zentner},
A. Abate, F. Abdalla, S. Allam, S. Allen, R. Ansari, S. Bailey, W. Barkhouse, T. Beers, M. Blanton, M. Brodwin, J. Brownstein, R. Brunner, M. Carrasco-Kind, J. Cervantes-Cota, E. Chisari, M. Colless, J. Comparat, J. Coupon, E. Cheu, C. Cunha, A. de la Macorra, I. Dell’Antonio, B. Frye, E. Gawiser, N. Gehrels, K. Grady, A. Hagen, P. Hall, A. Hearin, H. Hildebrandt, C. Hirata, S. Ho, K. Honscheid, D. Huterer, Z. Ivezic, J.-P. Kneib, J. Kruk, O. Lahav, R. Mandelbaum, J. Marshall, D. Matthews, B. M… CONTINUE READING
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