1 N ov 2 00 1 Spacing of Zeros of Hecke L-Functions and the Class Number Problem

  title={1 N ov 2 00 1 Spacing of Zeros of Hecke L-Functions and the Class Number Problem},
  author={Brian Conrey and Henryk Iwaniec},
Contents: 1. A bit of history and results 2. Basic automorphic forms 3. Summation formulas 4. Convolution sums 5. Point to integral mean-values of Dirichlet's series 6. Evaluation of A(T) 7. Approximate functional equation 8. Evaluation of ℓ(s) on average 9. Estimation of x(s) on average 10. Applications The group of ideal classes Cℓ(K) of an imaginary quadratic field K = Q(√ −q) is the most fascinating finite group in arithmetic. Here we are faced with one of the most challenging problems in… CONTINUE READING
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