.1 Information System Example 1

  • Published 1996


In the present paper the connict analysis model based on the Rough Set Theory is considered. The simple model introduced by Pawlak 6], 10] formes the basis for the discussion and for the further extension. This paper consists of some proposals of the connict analysis. The sake of space restriction does not allowed to present precise algorithms. 1 Connict model In the model of Pawlak 6], 10] the relation of each agent to the speciic issue is depicted in the form of the table with agents in rows and issues in columns. The value assigned to each agent and to each attribute (issue) could be one from the triple f-1, 0, 1g, where-1 means, that the agent is against, 0 neutral and 1-favorable toward the issue. Formally the table described above presents itself as the information system deened as follows: An information system is a pair S = (U, A), where U-is nonempty, nite set called the universe; elements of U are called objects (here agents), A-is nonempty, nite set of attributes (issues). Every attribute a 2 A is a map, a: U ! V a , where the set V a is the value set of a; elements of V a are referred to as opinions, i.e. a(x) is opinion of agent x about issue a. The domain of each attribute (for con-ict analysis model) is restricted to three values only, i.e. V a = f-1, 0, 1g, which means against, neutral and favorable respectively. The couple (a, v), where a is an issue and v 2 V a is the attribute value from the domain will be called the descriptor. Lets consider the example of the Middle East con-ict, which is taken from the Pawlak paper 10]. As we know the political solution for the Middle East connict situation has been found (without the help of the author analyzing program). Anyway this real situation forms very good example for analysis and will be use in the whole paper. There are six agents-participants: and ve issues: a-autonomous Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza, b-Israeli military outpost along the Jordan River, c-Israeli retains East Jerusalem, d-Israeli military outpost on the Golan Heights, e-Arab countries grant citizenship to Palestinians who choose to remain within their borders We obtain Table 1, which represents the views of the agents (numbered 1..6) on the given issues (a .. e).

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