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1 Design of polarization splitter via liquid and Ti 2 infiltrated photonic crystal fiber 3

  title={1 Design of polarization splitter via liquid and Ti 2 infiltrated photonic crystal fiber 3},
  author={Qiang Xu and Wanli Luo and Kang Li and Nigel Joseph Copner and She-bao Lin},
We propose a new polarization splitter (PS) based on Ti and liquid infiltrated photonic 12 crystal fiber (PCF) with high birefringence. Impacts of parameters such as shape and size of the air 13 holes in the cladding and filling material are investigated by using a vector beam propagation 14 method. The results indicate that the PS offers an ultra-short length of 83.9 μm, a high extinction 15 ratio of -44.05 dB and a coupling loss of 0.0068 dB and at 1.55 μm. Moreover, an extinction ratio 16… 



Polarization splitter in three-core photonic crystal fibers.

Numerical simulations with a full vectorial beam propagation method demonstrate that it is possible to obtain a 1.9-mm-long splitter with the extinction ratio better than -20 dB and a bandwidth of 37nm.

Polarization splitter based on photonic crystal fibers.

A new kind of polarization splitter based on dual-core photonic crystal fibers with a symmetric directional coupler configuration that gives rise to an adequate difference in the coupling lengths for the two orthogonal polarizations is reported.

High birefringence photonic crystal fiber with high nonlinearity and low confinement loss.

A particular photonic crystal fiber designed with all circle air holes is proposed that can realize high birefringence, high nonlinearity, and low confinement loss.

Polarization splitter based on dual-core photonic crystal fiber.

The numerical results demonstrate that the polarization splitter possesses ultra-short length and high extinction ratio and an extinction ratio greater than 20 dB is achieved over a broad bandwidth of 249 nm, i.e., from 1417 nm to 1666 nm, covering the S, C and L communication bands.

Analysis of an Ultrashort PCF-Based Polarization Splitter

We propose a new structure of polarization splitter based on a dual-elliptical-core photonic crystal fiber. The polarization splitter has a simple and symmetric directional coupler configuration. The