1 Bayesian Logic Programming : Theory and Tool


In recent years, there has been a significant interest in integrating probability theory with first order logic and relational representations [see De Raedt and Kersting, 2003, for an overview]. Muggleton [1996] and Cussens [1999] have upgraded stochastic grammars towards Stochastic Logic Programs, Sato and Kameya [2001] have introduced Probabilistic Distributional Semantics for logic programs, and Domingos and Richardson [2004] have upgraded Markov networks towards Markov Logic Networks. Another research stream including Poole’s Independent Choice Logic [1993], Ngo and Haddawy’s Probabilistic-Logic Programs [1997], Jäger’s Relational Bayesian Networks [1997], and Pfeffer’s Probabilistic Relational Models [2000] concentrates on first order logical and relational extensions of Bayesian networks.

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