1-Adrenergic Receptor Subtypes in Nonfailing and Failing Human Myocardium

  title={1-Adrenergic Receptor Subtypes in Nonfailing and Failing Human Myocardium},
  author={Brian C Jensen and Philip M. Swigart and Teresa De Marco and Charles W. Hoopes and Paul C. Simpson},
Background— 1-adrenergic receptors ( 1-ARs) play adaptive roles in the heart and protect against the development of heart failure. The 3 1-AR subtypes, 1A, 1B, and 1D, have distinct physiological roles in mouse heart, but very little is known about 1 subtypes in human heart. Here, we test the hypothesis that the 1A and 1B subtypes are present in human myocardium, similar to the mouse, and are not downregulated in heart failure. Methods and Results—Hearts from transplant recipients and unused… CONTINUE READING