1-A and-120 mA thin-film multijunction thermal converters


We report on the development of thin-film multijunction thermal converters for the measurement of AC currents up to 10 A without relying on parallel current shunts. The materials and designs chosen for these devices have been optimized to provide high accuracy over a wide range of input levels and frequencies. Preliminary measurements on a 10-A chip made… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/TIM.2004.843354


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@article{Laiz20041AAM, title={1-A and-120 mA thin-film multijunction thermal converters}, author={H{\'e}ctor Laiz and Thomas F. Wunsch and Joseph R. Kinard and Thomas E. Lipe}, journal={2004 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements}, year={2004}, pages={457-458} }